Anna Fafaliou, fold, series, 2016, mirror polished aluminium sheet, perspex, elastic cord, variable dimensions

Anna Fafaliou, not formed yet, series, 2017, aluminium, wood acrylic paint, 47 x 40,5 cm

Anna Fafaliou, installation view, 'The Things I Own Own Me', 2017

Anna Fafaliou, own me, 2017, from the series 'a few things left unsaid', neon, unique piece, 19 x 152 cm

Anna Fafaliou, window, series, 2017, plaster on canvas, 60,5 x 46 cm

Anna Fafaliou, Installation view, 'The Things I Own Own Me', 2017

Anna Fafaliou, Installation view, 'The Things I Own Own Me', 2017




1987, lives and works in London and Los Angeles


"We remember in colours; they trigger our emotions and our feelings of attachment,” Fafaliou stated concerning the relationship with colour in her work. She is especially interested in colour theory and the colour white. Whiteness is central to all of her work – a colour that does not impose anything onto the senses but rather serves to facilitate the creativity of the mind. As Kandinsky said, she recalls, “White resonates, like a silence that can suddenly be understood.” She does not want to force an identity on an object but rather adds the space and time of re-writing them. We remember in colour and we dream in colour – removing colour also puts into question the identity and attachment one has to objects. How does an object look from a distance in time? How do we remember it, can we see? For Fafaliou, the fluidity of our visual perception and memory and how that is related to the physical is especially important. As she focusses on the influence of space, she engages with Nora’s lieux de memoire, wondering both about individual and collective memory. She studies our belongings, shapes and forms to identify where the dialogue lies between the constructed image, the visual interpretation and our memory. The things that I own own me, she argues, and it becomes one of the struggles she deals with in her work. Anna obtained a MA from the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, she underwent an MA in Film and Visual Arts, University of London. Since then her work has been shown around the world in various institutions, festivals, galleries. Selected exhibitions include: “Sleep” at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (2016), “Concrete Matters” group show at Whitechapel Gallery / Cass (2016), “Windows” at Art Miami (2016), “Maps” group show at Scene Art (2015).