We never dreamed this could happen

Acrylic, charcoal and paper 



We never dreamed this could happen! Perhaps in one way or another one of the most used phrases of the past year. A year that for many around us has been marked with the rise of populism and nationalism in the West; one cannot help but be reminded of Brexit and Trump’s presidency. We never did dream this could happen. Tannemaat’s portrait of four women is concerned with the current aftermath: women’s marches that sparked activism and unity all over the world! In their hairstyles and make-up, these women may remind the viewer of first and second wave feminism – waves that many have referred to when these women’s marches started shortly after Trump’s election. Alluding to both femininity and feminism, the portrait raises different questions: Who are these women? Are they ladies of the past, reflecting on their future, our reality? Or are they women of today, finding strength in the united movement of feminism over the years? Nevertheless, one may rightfully question whether feminism looks this way today. Perhaps their strength is that they are not set in space; influenced by different styles, they are reflecting a spirit in time: activism and equality through unity– no less relevant, whether that was in 1900, 1960 or indeed – today. 


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