The story of twelve twelve

Three questions to Silvia Bakker (36), owner of twelve twelve.

What will people find at twelve twelve?

The artists that I work with create in a way what I think needs to be said, seen, collected and loved. Art reflects who we are, as a society, as an individual. Because of this you will find everything what is a reflection of this moment, our culture.  All the works inspire me, and I hope they will inspire you as well.  



What is your best piece of advice to new art collectors?

If you enjoy a work of art, and the work has the quality that it keeps asking you questions: buy it, it’s yours! These questions, above all beauty and aesthetics will become the most valuable for you. Most likely you can’t solve these questions over time, but it will keep communicating to you. Isn’t that one of the most valuable things you can buy?

 Why did you start twelve twelve ?


After graduating with a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Sint Lukas in Brussels, I worked as an artist. I look back on this exceptional period; participating in beautiful exhibitions in Rotterdam, London and Venice. Surrounded by so much talent, beautiful artworks, ideas, I made the decision to give my amazing colleagues a platform by curating shows and participating art fairs. I love to connect people with these fantastic artists using my enthusiasm and appreciation for their work.