Welcome to twelve twelve. First, an overview of myself and motivations. I am Silvia Bakker (1986) born in the beautiful village of Groot-Ammers, Holland. My childhood was traditional but amazing. Ice skating, bathing in the river from May to late September, church every Sunday followed by tea with our grandmother. The traditions, customs, and values of the Alblasserwaard are inseparable to me.

After graduating with a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Sint Lukas in Brussels, I worked as an artist. I look back on this exceptional period; participating in beautiful exhibitions in Rotterdam, London and Venice. Have sold several pieces to collections world wide. Surrounded by so much talent, I made the decision to give my colleagues a platform. The artists that I work with in the gallery create in a way what I think needs to be said, I use their work to speak. 

The exhibitions at twelve twelve are at the cutting edge of contemporary art, visual culture and politics. Each year we organise twelve exhibitions and performances in collaboration with both emerging and established international artists. The artists are active world wide and relate to social issues and explore issues from everyday life. The topics we are focusing on such as identity politics, reflections on our surroundings and art in relation to art-institutes. I love to connect people with these fantastic artists using my enthusiasm and appreciation for their work. I would love to show you the works and meet you in the gallery - to hear what you think, what you love, what you collect.




Silvia Bakker