one painting: 5 months of work 

29 June 2018 


It felt like if it was 6 years ago, looking at the paintings of Peter Koole for the very first time. Overwhelmed by the love for his subject, and attention for details he made a portrait of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. 


Koole captured her determined gaze beautifully and made a monument of it by his own signature. It is not only through her eyes that the painting has become a monument, but also because of the number of paintings. This is the sixth painting of the series 'Dedicated to Anna Politkovskaya'.

Politkovskaya wrote a lot about the Chechen wars in the Novaya Gazeta. She was killed in 2006. Since 2010 Peter Koole dedicated a lot of his studio time to make. Most of his works take about 5 months to create.


His images are based on photographs and texts which he converts meticulously. He enlarges the image. By doing so the original event and its content is transferred into the sublime of a painting: It is accentuated and is going to last. Peter Kooles works show a possible way to reflect, question and underline the conflicting nature of politics and our society today.


“… I will not go into all the joys of the path I have chosen: the poisoning, the arrests, the menacing by mail and over the Internet, the telephoned death threats. The main thing is to get on with my job, to describe the life I see, to receive visitors every day in our newspaper’s offices who have nowhere else to bring their troubles, because the Kremlin finds their stories off-message. I have merely reported what I witnessed, nothing but the truth.” 

A quote found on her computer after her death. 


Peter Koole, studio view Rotterdam: Noting But The Truth, 2018 220 x 160 cm and 100 x 150 cm, acrylic on canvas and textile ink on a flag. Photo credits: Peter Hilz


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