studio visit Mattia Papp 

6 June 2018 


Lucky me, I could see the new paintings by Mattia Papp in his 'studio' in The Hague. Learned many new things during a studio visit at Mattia Papp, about the finest Egyptian pigments and Champagne chalk. Mattia was trained as a classical painter in Italy. After graduating at the Art institute of Florence in 2014, he moved to The Hague to study fine arts at the Royal Academy of Art. During his studies, he transformed to a more installation making and performative artist. In his works you will always see the influences the Renaissance and the Baroque combined with the topics of our days, our wars, our believes. He aims to speak with the visual language of yesterday and the tools of today. In this way he allows everybody to read and understand the works. 'Art shouldn't be for the elite only. Never.'  Mattia Papp. The reason I came over to the studio, was because of the 12 hours perfromance, from rom 8:30 P.M-8:30 A.M Mattia painted NONSTOP! 

It was a great succes, and the results are amazing. His new work 'The Santo Spirito's saga’ contains 8 panels of 122 x 244cm each, for a total of 9,76 meter. The size allowed him to paint in a physical way. An other important aspect of the new work, is his use of the finest materials. Last April he traveled to Egypt to collect the fines pigments, and chalk. Not only the color, but also the surface is made by something extraordinary. 

Mattia uses Champagne chalk!  The comparison between art and wine is often made; it about taste, what you love, prefer and appreciate. In his work 'The Santo Spirito's saga’  the link is an obvious one. Mattia uses the very best chalk, to create his painting of the finest materials. For the grapes, this chalk achieves that the delicate balance of ripeness for finest champagne. For his artwork, it creates a surface from micro-organisms and provides it a breathing and strong base for his beautiful paintings.