'LE SUD' (50° 38' 28'' N, 4° 40' 5'' E)


The exhibition LE SUD is composed with Belgian artists or at least artists who are based in Belgium with their artistic practice. We are talking about Johan De Wit, Nicolás Lamas, Gert Scheerlinck, Rein Dufait, Katleen Vinck and Johan Gelper.

Johan Gelper

Johan Gelper

Belgium is obviously a connecting factor, but there is more to it. Despite a certain unity in the works, they distinguish themselves from each other in engagement towards materiality and subject matter. The artists often work with raw or manufactured materials that are used or reused. There is nothing fast about their processes and nothing is necessarily certain. It can succeed or fail, until the momentum where the artwork becomes itself, autonomously. Interpreters have often adapted this kind of 'practice' to that of poets and there is a certain truth in that. The carefully chosen words, building lines and verses; there is no excess but rather a meager economy.

Gert Scheerlinck

Kathleen Vinck