Speech performance

On Sunday, May 27th, 2018 Karin van Pinxteren willl give a speech performance 'Een ander dorp is een vreemde wereld'. This lecture will give you an insight into her work, the show Easy to love, and her practice. 

Easy to love... 

It all started in 2012. I visited an intriguing exhibition by Karin van Pinxteren at Museum De Pont, Tilburg. I was impressed by the imagination and outstanding quality of the works. Karin creates installations, performances, video and writes short poetry. In the exhibition Easy to love... we will see van Pinxterens' latest work in her two- and three-dimensional language. Her statements and works create a sense of belonging, they open up the imagination and communication. 


Read the openingsspeech 'Het Fragment' by Maria Schnyder, conservator Museum De Pont here (Dutch only) 


An Intersection of Archives and Art. 10 artists from around the world to draw inspiration from specific pieces within the archive of Expat Archive Centre, The Hague. Photo credits: Thomas Nondh Jansen


Vika Kova, 29/03/2018


Saskia Tannemaat: 'Ik schilder altijd mensen die aan de rand staan. Veel mensen vinden mijn werk heftig, maar voor mijn gevoel is het dat niet. Mijn werk wordt bevolkt door overlevers en daar houd ik van.' Straatnieuws #03.


'twelve twelve serves not only as a platform for the few. Rather, it is a space for the public, based on the love for art and its potential to reflect, question and shine light upon the conflicting nature of politics and our society today.' an interview by Anne-Lill Brok at kunstbar contemporary art.