Sam Lock 

The worlds tide


Ink and crayon on paper 

framed behind non reflective glass, 140 x 100 cm 



6000,- euro 




In preparation of our new show coming up, my new weekly favorite is a drawing by Sam Lock. I work with Sam since the beginning of twelve twelve and every time I am supprised by the strength of his a strong and balanced compositions. Like in this pice 'The Worlds Tide'. 


If we think about a painterly gesture, how could it be described? Can´t it be generally seen as a term for the entirety of an expression that visualizes the artistic depiction? Once embedded into the material, the gesture might serve as a unique reference to the artist and furthermore reflects his or her movements of the body; however, said movements may also express only a vague or even undefined intention that precludes any possibility for a causal explanation.


Sam Lock’s work gives an idea of said gestures on paper, energy and movement. Also because of the size, we can feel the energy transformed by the artist through the paper.