Tamara Dees

Seenot, 2017

puzzel, 58 x 45 cm 

1500,- incl VAT


This is my weekly favorite, and I love to tell you why.


 In the work called 'Seenot,' we see a framed puzzle, where the artist, Tamara Dees, removed the subject of the original painting completely. 


This is my weekly favorite! I love the fact that she peeles of the fight against the indomitable sea. She does it with great care. The only thing left is the foaming see, the sky and the pieces of the puzzle.


The artist transferred the meaning of the painting, and function of the puzzle at the same time. It is stripped of its iconicity. Why would she do that?


In all of Tamara her work she investigates the actual size of ships, in all ways you can think of. How big are ships, actually, and what happens if you use them for a quite unintended purpose? Turned upside down, or broken, they become something very different. This beautiful 19th-century painting by Schultz gets a new meaning, shows the beautiful colors of the sea.