Sam Lock 

Meeting point I

ink on a book cover

40 x 53 cm 


€ 2100,-  incl VAT 



Sam Lock about his practice:


My practice investigates the interplay of space and gesture, the relativity between thoughts and actions. Perhaps my work is characterised most interestingly as behaviour, exploring a process of making that reminds the viewer of visual interpretations while focussing on the act of looking and connecting.


Time always flies past, it is elusive – I try to become aware of this movement when working.  The colours and marks in my work always seems to be shifting.  I like vanished things.  Painting is a kind of mapping of the here and now which is vanishing continuously.  There is something inherently poignant about the painting process, maps of lost moments found.  I am always losing something in painting, I lose other futures and moments.  Destinations are lost as others are arrived at.  These works are presences and absences at that same time.