kugara nhaka kuona dzevamwe, 174 x 249 cm, Oil on canvas

Candle light, 95 x 130 cm, Oil on canvas - Flowers and bananas, 130 x 95 cm, Oil on canvas

Ndogarira vana vangu, 130 x 95 cm, Oil on canvas

On top of the world, Oil and spraypaint on paper, 130 x 90 cm 





We are both proud and honored to present the work of Wycliffe Mundopa at the gallery. In his colorful, politically engaged artworks, Mundopa strives to further emancipation of woman and children alike. Wycliffe is part of the 'free-born' generation, who have never experianced the colonial Rhodesia. He has the ambition to be part of the world as equals amongst equals. As a painter, Wycliffe Mundopa may be seen as a griot with a mission to document the life of his comtemporaries for future generations. Whilst the voice of Harare is not yet represented on a global scale, the metropole serves as a melting pot where the different goals of Zimbabwe are given shape.


2007 Special Mention, Peace Through Unity Exhibition and Prize, European Commission, Gallery Delta – Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Prizes for Outstanding work in two dimensions, National Arts Merit Awards – Harare, Zimbabwe



Exhibitions (selection)

2017 Art The Hague, The Hague, Holland

2017 Another Antipodes Exhibition, Fremante, Australia

2017 Tongara at twelve twelve gallery, The Hague, Holland

2016 AKA artfair, Paris, France
2014 FNB at Jo'burg Art Fair 2014 – Johannesburg, South Africa
2014 Dramascapes at First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare, Zimbabwe
2013 Nude, Naked, Nature Exhibition at Iroko Arts Consultants – Nairobi, Kenya
2014 No Limits Exhibition (HIFA) at First Floor Gallery Harare- Harare, Zimbabwe
2013 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair – London, UK
2013 Berliner Liste Art Fair 2013 – Berlin, Germany
2013 No Limits, Harare International Festival of the Arts, featured artists
2013 Chiso Exhibition at First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare, Zimbabwe
2012 Toy Memories at First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare, Zimbabwe
2012 Inexactly This, Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents @ St Nicholas Lyceum – Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 Harare Haarare Exhibition, First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare, Zimbabwe
2012 Africa Not Reachable, First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare, Zimbabwe
2012 Berliner Liste Art Fair, MUMA – Berlin, Germany
2012 Joburg Fringe Art Fair – Johannesburg, South Africa
2012 Painting Performed by First Floor Gallery Harare @ Chimanimani Arts Festival – Chimanimani, Zimbabwe
2012 Harare Beyond Words, Gallery H – Bangkok, Thailand
2011 Young Zimbabwean, Gallery H, Bangkok, Thailand
2011 Reaching Out, First Floor Gallery, Chimanimani Arts Festival, Zimbabwe
2011 Harare Paris, Pavé d’Orsay, Paris, France
2011 Art & the City First Floor Gallery Harare during Harare International Festival of Art
2010 First Steps, First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe
2010 Month of Printmaking – Dzimbanhete, Harare, Zimbabwe
2010 Live and Direct exhibition and prize, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare
2010 Artists in Streams, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2008 Enriching Woman, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Let’s Get Together, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Young Painters, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Peace through Unity in Diversity, Exhibition and Prize (European Commission exhibition), Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Young Artist Exhibition, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
2007 Final Year Show, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe