Marin de Jong, Candyman, 2017 mixed media, 205 x 135 x 35 cm

Marin de Jong, Lake Chronicles #1 #2 #3, 2017 mixed media, dimension variable

Marin de Jong, installation view, 'Chronicle for the Millions', 2017

Marin de Jong, installation view, 'Chronicle for the Millions', 2017

Marin de Jong, installation view, 'Chronicle for the Millions', 2017

Marin de Jong, Het verloren hoekje, 2017, paint on wood, variable sizes 

Marin de Jong, Portal, 2017, egg-tempera on a blanket, 180 x 90 cm


1976, lives and works in Rotterdam 


He graduated his MA at the Willem de Kooning art academy in 2006. Over the years, Marin de Jong developed a style characterized by a collage-like approach and a highly technical execution, using egg-tempera painting techniques and pigments to create his own colour palette.  As image carrier he often uses different materials like a furniture blanket, which creates a special haptic moment on the surface of the picture. Besides different objects are integrated underneath the canvas in a way that the spectator perceives only the outer shapes of the objects.  Thereby the paintings get a two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional appearance. Marin de Jongs sculptures as well as paintings question commerce by playing with recognizable everyday elements, for example the “ikea-blue”, a lipstick pink and camouflage.



2017 chronicle for the millions, twelve twelve gallery, The Hague, NL

2015 Brave New World, Galerie Zerp, Rotterdam, NL

2014 Flair, Galerie Zerp, Rotterdam, NL 

2013 Final Cake Show, Galerie Delta, Rotterdam, NL


EXHIBITIONS (selection) 

2017 Masters of Rotterdam aftershow, galerie Deelen, Rotterdam, NL

2012 Summer Show LIA, Leipzig, Germany, DE 

2012 ‘Horizontaal Verticaal’, Haarlemse Lente, Haarlem, NL 

2011 ART Rotterdam, Galerie Delta, Rotterdam, NL

2010 Route Du Nord, Rotterdam, NL

2010 ‘Portretten’, Galerie Delta, Rotterdam, NL

2010 ’10 jaar Art Olive’, Art Olive, Amsterdam, NL

2009 Route Du Nord Light, kunstroute, Rotterdam, NL

2009 ART Rotterdam, Galerie Delta, Rotterdam, NL

2009 Infusion gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA

2005 ‘Small Works XL’, RAM Foundation, Rotterdam, NL