Landscape of authority, artist book and prints

Crossing boundaries, shifting landscapes, exhibition view



1987, born In Salo, Finland.  Karl investigates themes related to the human, nature and culture divide. He often uses photography, as a tool to observe his surroundings. To avoid simply pointing out problems, he uses landscape and distance to create a contemplative space surrounding the addressed theme.



"Movement is essential to life in all its forms. Plants are bound to the ground, and even they make sure their descendants will travel and adjust to new grounds. Humans do not have roots but feet; we have always moved and migrated. The underlying reasons vary, yet the need to move has always been inseparable from the most human of our tendencies, the search for safety and survival. Representation of national landscapes continue to separate, and induce a sense of value, one place more valuable than another; ultimately creating a constructed sense of ownership over what intrinsically belongs to all – the land beneath our feet. At times of major crisis in the world everyone becomes part of the transformation of imagination, location and self."