k o o s  

1950, lives and works in The Hague, NL 


Koos Flinterman makes portraits of sculptures. He portrays sculptures of ARP, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Picasso. He attempts to understand these works by viewing, selecting, and than react. 


His paintings become objects through his way of working. His works, like the sculptures he selects, often have an opening in the canvas. Koos hereby examines the absence of the form and makes it just as important as the presence. The viewer becomes aware of the volume of empty space, and the powerful resonance this can create.


Also in the way he applies the paint on his canvas give the painting a sculptural feel. The acrylic paint and modeling paste is also deliberately applied with templates, with the same precision as the sculptures get their shape. 

Koos Flinterman, Barabara XIII, 2018, acrylic paint and modeling paste on linnen, 47 x 60 cm 

Koos Flinterman, ZT, wall sculpture, 2018, acrylic on polypropylene, 65 x 102 cm 

Koos Flinterman, Barabara XII, 2018, acrylic paint and modeling paste on linnen, 115 x 65 cm 

Koos flinterman, Henry IV 2018, acrylic paint and modeling paste on linnen, 130 x 90 cm 

Koos Flinterman, 2 x Pablo ingevuld, 2018, acrylic paint on linnen, 130 x 160 cm 

Koos Flinterman, o.a. 2018, acrylic paint and modeling paste on linnen, 100 x 90 cm